About the Awards
So what exactly are the Gunpei Yokoi Memorial Handheld Gaming Awards? In 2013, Michael A. Cunningham of RPGamer.com came up with the idea of bringing together handheld gaming enthusiasts from all over the world to highlight excellence in portable console gaming (3DS, PSP, Vita). These awards are named in honor of Gunpei Yokoi, the creator of Game & Watch and the Game Boy. The united group consists of gaming press and enthusiasts who love and appreciate handheld gaming and want to show it the love it deserves. An advisory panel was formed first in order to share ideas during the formation. Next, the group was narrowed down to an awards committee for the finalization process. For 2013, we decided to start small and only give out two major awards: Most Creative and Excellence in Handheld Gaming. Due to illness, the 2015 awards were limited only to 
Excellence in Handheld Gaming.

Below are the individuals who have helped during this process.

Contact us at handheldgamingawards@gmail.com

2015 Awards Committee
Michael A Cunningham (Pocket-Console) - @FinalMacstorm
JC Fletcher (Tiny Cartridge) - @jcfletcher
Alex Fuller (RPGamer) - @severinmira
Derek Heemsbergen (RPGFan) - @EmbryonX
Jonathan Higgins (Gamepodunk) - @radicaldefect
Jenni Lada (Siliconera, Michibiku, CheatCC) - @JMariye
Anne Lee (ChicPixel) - @apricotsushi
Mikhail Madnani (GodisaGeek, Indian Video Gamer) - @failgunner
Sean Madson (Diehard GameFAN) - @DHGFMadson
Shaun Musgrave (TouchArcade) - @ShaunMusgrave
Donald Theriault (Nintendo World Report) - @DonaldMick
Adam Vitale (RPGSite) - @King_Seda
Kyle Wakeling (The Vita Lounge) - @teflontactics


2013 Awards Committee
Michael A. Cunningham (RPGamer/Pocket-Console) - @FinalMacstorm
Pete Davison (USgamer) - @pjedavison
JC Fletcher (Tiny Cartridge) - @jcfletcher
Derek Heemsbergen (RPGFan) - @EmbryonX
Jonathan Higgins (Operation Rainfall) - @radical_defect
Kris Knigge (Siliconera*) - @KrisKnigge
Anne Lee (Chic Pixel/Video Game Writers*) - @apricotsushi
Scott Nichols (Digital Spy) - @Duckols
Sean Madson (Diehard GameFAN) - @DHGFMadson
Giancarlo Saldana (GamesRadar/Blast Magazine) - @giansaldana
Donald Theriault (Nintendo Free Radio) - @DonaldMick
Adam Vitale (RPGSite) - @King_Seda

(*no longer with publication)

2013 Advisory Panel

Michael Apps - @AskWheels
Steve Baltimore - @Steve_Baltimore
John Cappa - @jjcappa
Adriaan den Ouden - @robomegaman
Alex Fuller - @severinmira
Matthew Green - @PressTheButtons
Mikhail Madnani - @failgunner
Matt Paprocki - @Matt_Paprocki
Ken Staples - @coflsilk
Andre Thomas - @thomas3001andre
Isaac Todd - @MrRandom28
"Stealth" - @Stealth____

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