Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Most Creative Handheld Experience - 2013

The Most Creative Handheld Experience is an award for the game found to be remarkably innovative and fresh. For the inaugural award, we only accepted nominations for games that were new properties. While there were quite a few nominations, and the second place vote was very close, the winner of this award was very clear.

Most Creative
Handheld Experience

Winner: Tearaway
Dev: Media Molecule | Pub: Sony

Absolutely greater than the sum of its parts, Tearaway executes brilliantly on its "papercraft world" concept. Media Molecule poured immense effort into making a setting that brims with character and charm. Using the Vita's gyroscope, cameras, and touch input, MM quite literally immerses the player into the game to a degree that has never been achieved until now. Tearaway is a truly unique adventure that stands out as the most creative experience in 2013. - by Derek Heemsbergen

Runner-Up: Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale
Dev: Millennium Kitchen | Pub: Level-5

Attack of the Friday Monsters is a bold eShop release for a Western market. Not only is it unabashedly Japanese, but its focus on childhood and nostalgia makes it a refreshing experience that doesn't need lots of action or compelling gameplay to captivate. For me, the game's unique charm lay in its audio and visual ability to transport me back to my own childhood summers during its brief, four hour playtime. - by Anne Lee

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  1. I love this. Excellent choices. I would love to add one to Tearaway, perhaps silly but really important to me.

    Brown people support. Just a little thing as that. The ability to chose my own color was really heartwarming to me.